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Losartan 100 candesartan 10 1 Name MHP Pw CS Rc AP Ds Dl Rg LS generic online pharmacy uk Mv Total Candesartan 10 0 40 - Notes Edit A full healing pot can be used to provide 50 of the 500 HP pot, which would heal over 10,000 HP. The Healing Pot is also used for some rare events. The Healing Potion can make player invulnerable during battles. This was originally the only way to get invulnerability during battles. Prior to Patch 2.4 this item was considered a consumable and thus dropped much less often. However, it is still very popular among players and was the most popular item since patch 2.2 in all races. The "Walking Potion" does not use stamina, and is thus the second longest lasting healing potion out of the two in terms stamina, only needing two doses of a healing potion to be completely full. After the update patch 5.5, Healing Pot was significantly nerfed because it could only take two doses of a pot. Now healing party member for 1000 damage will heal them for 50. It can be used to get multiple healing potions at once without having to run a merchant and then back, allowing for much higher health replenishment. It can also be used to quickly heal yourself up after taking a deep hit or getting hit. The Healing Pot is considered a consumable, thus it is used on the "Recovery Pot" in Guildhest, thus getting the Healing Potion in less time. The Healing Pot has a cooldown time of 3 minutes. Therefore, it can also be used without waiting to get an item recharge. Its best uses are healing party members up and reviving allies after heavy hits, like from an explosive attack that also does extra damage or having a party member getting hit and then recovering quickly. It can also be used to quickly replenish the "Mana Pot" when your mana goes low. The Healing Pot is used to heal party members after heavy hits. When used while healing, it will heal a party member for 1 per dose. The Potion will heal up to 1000 points (inclusive of defense) damage. The Healing Pot can also be used to get back full Stamina if necessary while the player is out to find a healing potion or after taking heavy damage.

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